Monday, January 2, 2012

Lady Gaga, opera and "stickers anti-hangover" New Year's Eve in New York

The eccentric Lady Gaga, rock icons such as Chuck Berry, Patti Smith, Placido Domingo and the new "anti-adhesive hangover" will be among the protagonists of the New Year's Eve in New York.

As every day on December 31, to celebrate the options are varied in the Big Apple and New Yorkers who have not gone on vacation as well as thousands of tourists are in town have plenty of alternatives to choose from.

The center of the festivities will undoubtedly Times Square in the heart of Manhattan, where he is expected to attend more than one million people to the show that ends with the fall of the ball of light giving a warm welcome to the new year, a tradition dating from early 1908.

On this occasion, the eccentric pop singer Lady Gaga will be in charge of driving, along with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the button that makes fall the immense sphere of glass, lit with 32,000 small lights, one minute before midnight.

Before and after that moment, the city will witness hundreds of parties, shows, with many glories of rock announced as one of the idols alive past the old guard, the indefatigable Chuck Berry. With 85 years, Berry will offer a recital at BBKing Blues Club near Times Square, where certainly there are plenty of big hits like "Maybellene" and "Johnny B. Goode."

Since the singer Patti Smith, one of the most beloved voices of New York, will conclude on Saturday a series of three performances at the Bowery Ballroom on the Lower East Side, Manhattan, another tradition less ancient than the ball in Times Square, but that already has 15 years of history.

The musical offering is not limited to rock. Lovers of classical music can choose the New York Philharmonic, which performs at Lincoln Center, or the new opera "The Enchanted Island," whose world premiere will take place at the Metropolitan Opera (Met).

The celebrated Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, 70, sings the role of "Neptune" in this book by Jeremy Sams and designed that combines Shakespeare's texts set to music by Handel and Vivaldi, among others.

The NYPD is planning to mobilize thousands of agents, including mounted police and helicopters, police said ochefe, Ray Kelly. "It's the biggest day of the year, we have about 600 events of 59 down the street," he said, speaking on CNN, referring to the operation mobilized in the center and south of Manhattan, Central Park to Battery Park.

The Department of the New York Police (NYPD) also uses the "radiation detectors in the water and response teams with heavy weapons."

With the assurance that the city will become a huge party, both on the streets and in bars, discos and nightclubs, the issue of alcohol intake concerned authorities, but the company decided to offer a new "anti-adhesive hangover" that no one suffer the consequences of one night with several glasses more.

The "Remedy Hangover Prevention Bytox" is sold as "a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids, with 12 organic ingredients" that help relieve the discomfort the next day.

The "Bytox" costs $ 3 and must be used at least 45 minutes before starting to drink and can not be taken until eight hours after the last cup.

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