Sunday, March 4, 2012

Britney Spears sexually harasses Fernando Flores

Britney Spears has signed an agreement with Fernando Flores on the open sexual harassment suit by former bodyguard.
So says the news site colored pink TMZ. It is not known, however, that the terms of the agreement.

Flores started the process in 2010, stating that Spears sexually harassed him in various situations during the period he worked for the singer. Recently, former police revealed that it has signed a contract with a publisher to publish a book about the sexual adventures of the U.S..

"Britney has a huge sexual appetite. From what she told me, was worth all the tours, 'says ex-police. "I heard the stories of threesomes threesomes, orgies, to tan the girls - things that would make your hair get ruffled. She has lots of very attractive dancers on the tour and the environment goes nuts with ease. Drink, drugs, hot scenes in hot tubs, lots of things, "he said at the time when The Sun.

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