Monday, December 26, 2011

Adele will not release a new album soon

English singer revealed that his third album will be released only in two or three years.

She accomplished the feat of a year only to have the album, the single and best selling DVD in the U.S., and "21" is the biggest selling album of the century in the United Kingdom. However, Adele revealed that not releasing a new studio album soon.

"I guess I'll have 25 or 26 years when my next album is released, because not even started thinking about my third album," the singer told the magazine "Billboard".

The English for 23 years, currently recovering from an operation to the vocal cords, he explained that you want to get some rest before starting work on new material.

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  1. Oh man, this is sad :/
    I like her albuns, I NEED a new one NOW =(