Monday, December 26, 2011

Lost Music of Radiohead of 90 years appears on the Web

The song title may be either Putting Ketchup In The Fridge or How Do You Sit Still according to the The site for fans of Radiohead wrote: "A band came today with a voice similar to Thom Yorke in conjunction with a song by Radiohead that should have been recorded in the early 90's. Think of 'Pablo Honey' and 'The Bends'.

Radiohead recently released two songs to be heard online, The Daily Mail and Staircase. The tracks recorded during the studio sessions for the album "The King Of Limbs", were placed in the official account of the band and YouTube are also available for purchase on site Deezer and

During the past month, two never before released tracks from the band went online. Songs Everybody Knows and Girl (In The Purple Dress), were recorded when the band was still known as On A Friday and before the guitarist Jonny Greenwood join the band.

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