Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rihanna wants to sing with Coldplay

Rihanna confessed that he is sitting by the phone waiting for Coldplay to call it act together on stage for the Brit Awards.

The singer wants to repeat the duet on stage with Chris Martin edited the theme of 'Princess of China, "the" Mylo Xyloto. "

"I think Chris Martin is a special person. What he writes is very beautiful and I'm a big fan. If you want to sing with me, I'm waiting for the call. I loved acting with them, "he said to The Sun Rihanna

The nominations for the Brit Awards are announced next week (January 12).

6 comentários:

  1. It would be probably great song, Chris Martin is one of the best male artists in world :)

  2. wow two great artists. this should be good

  3. It`s a great song. I`m not a big Rihanna fan, but I do like Coldplay and her vocals fitted perfectly for the "Princess of China".

  4. Interesting, Rihanna + Coldplay = ?? maybe <3 :DD i hope so.