Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beyonce makes biopic

Beyonce wants to be a producer and star of a documentary about his own life.

According to the Los Angeles Times, American singer and their representatives are looking for partners in Hollywood to promote the film. The biography of Beyoncé should show aspects of his personal life and also notes on concerts with new images.

However, the singer also can return the movies to participate in a new version of the 1937 classic, "Born A Star - A Star Is Born." This time, the romance between a famous singer in decline and a rising star should carry out Clint Eastwood, although there is still no official confirmation.

This will be the debut of Beyonce in the production of a film, but the artist has co-directed some of the clips from their latest album, entitled "4". 'Party', which can see below, is one such example.

3 comentários:

  1. I'd fuck Beyonce, but wouldn't watch a movie about her uninteresting life.

  2. Beyonce looks great!!!